Top Style Trends for 2017

Hi Friends!
If you are here- you are probably interested in whether or not your home is in style!
(The good news is that your home is your home so even if it’s not “in style”, as long as you love it- that is what is important! But if you want to love it and be in style, KEEP READING!)

Ok, I know most of you are thinking “my house is always messy, even if it were styled- it wouldn’t be cute”. WRONG!
Hygge is your best friend and it is the style this year! Wahoo!
What is hygge? Well it is Danish and means the feeling of being cozy and comfortable in your own space. It adds charm in a space that others may think looks messy. It is a blanket thrown at the end of the bed or over the arm of the couch. It is your tea pot and mug left out on the coffee table. (hopefully not with tea in them, but just for looks :D )  It is the “lived in” look and it looks like the picture at the top of this blog!

Anyway, I have went through the predictions and compiled a list of more home trends for 2017 that I think will stick around for a while. Obviously, you cannot afford to revamp your home every year so when you remodel, it is good to pick things that are going to be around for a while or are a nice material that can last you as long as you desire.

Here are the top 10 things you may want to consider when you remodel in 2017!

#1 Matte Appliances:
Yes, you heard correct. Matte appliances are in. The shiny is out. Also when you are picking out appliances- check out the black stainless! It is very clean looking and easier to keep off smudges! Plus black is timeless and looks very sharp.

matte black

#2 Marble:
The look of marble is EVERYWHERE. Counter tops, flooring, bathroom vanity tops, faux marble wall coverings, etc. If you look up 2017 trends, you will see marble is the “thing”.
(Just a tidbit from SPI- marble is an expensive material and unfortunately, it stains. Although marble is gorgeous, we tend to recommend quartz for counter tops. Quartz does not stain and it does not have to be resealed, ever! You can also put hot pots and pans on quartz.)


#3 Subway Tiles:
We adore subway tiles (as does the rest of the US)! They come in such a variety of size and colors. You can get glass subway tiles or ceramic subway tiles, shiny subway tiles or matte subway tiles. That is what is so awesome about them, anyone can find subway tiles to match their style and theme! You can put subway tiles on a back splash in the kitchen or the bathroom, you can use them in a walk in shower or a tub surround. Subway tiles are very versatile.



#4 Colors:
It is fun to watch how different colors are in each year. This year I am seeing lots of navy, white, beige and other nature inspired colors. Navy has been making its way for a little while but is in full strength right now! Everyone is loving it.
White is timeless and can be adapted to fit almost any style. You can add wood details for a more rustic style or pops of bright colors for a more modern look.
Beige is taking over gray in recent polls. Strictly gray is on its way out, so if you tend to like gray- go with the greige colors. Those are colors that are on the line between gray and beige and they are timeless!
Neutral wall colors are always fun because when you are ready to change up your color scheme it is easy to change decorations, pillows or furniture with out having to worry about repainting!


#5 Contrasting Kitchen Ideas:
This is such a fun trend! Having a different color on your island than your wall cabinets is all the rage! This can be as bold as white cabinets with a navy island or you can have them the same color, just a few shades different. Either way- paint your island a different color! If you do not have an island, feel free to paint your base cabinets a different color than your wall cabinets. Do not worry! Do not be scared! It will look good!
(Just a tidbit from SPI- use the lighter paint color on your wall cabinets and keep the darker color on the bottom!)
Also, contrasting counter tops is in as well! If your cabinets aren’t the same then why do your counter tops have to be the same? They don’t! In fact, lots of people are using two different shades or colors on their counter tops. One color for the base cabinets, another for the island. You could also go with something unique on your island such as concrete counter tops or a wooden butcher’s block!

contrasting kitchen

#6 A Wall of Tile In the Kitchen:
You love the tile you picked out for your back splash, so why not make an entire wall of it?! If you have a plain wall in your kitchen, it would be an awesome idea to use the same tile and just cover that wall. It will really make your entire kitchen “POP” and give it a more custom feel!

wall tile

#7 Laundry Rooms:
Yes, I get it. You probably don’t even want anyone to see your laundry room. I totally know the feeling. However, as of recently- there has been a splurge of people spending money to revamp their laundry room. Now when I say this, obviously it is not only about the looks but maximizing the space and the tasks you can do there. For instance, add a tiled doggy shower, expand it and incorporate a mudroom with storage for shoes, jackets, possibly a shower for when your kids (or husband :D ) is dirty! Can you imagine the extra drying racks for your delicates or a surface to fold your clothes on? Whatever it may be, I can only imagine how much more laundry would be getting done if the space was beautiful and functional!


#8 Unique Bathroom Vanities:
Put your thinking cap on for this one! You don’t need just a boring vanity, spice it up! Re-purpose an old dresser or table into an awesome vanity or find a sink that mounts to the wall with no cabinets below. Add some legs to it or get a vanity that attaches to the wall and appears to be floating. These can really add some fun dimension to a bathroom.


#9 Decorative Walls and Ceiling:
Adding dimension to your walls adds character to your space. You can do this in a multitude of ways- adding shiplap, tile, board and batten, wainscoting, chair rail, or crown molding. On your ceilings, you can add wooden beams, a coffered ceiling, a trayed ceiling, or even just paint it a different color. Doing any of these things can really dress up your room and make it look custom and more expensive.

walls and ceiling

#10 Farmhouse/Rustic Style:
This should be an easy thing for us here in Central Missouri. We know all about farmhouses and rustic homes! It is good to know that these are also in style. Lots of white and lots of wood are the two more important things when considering having a farmhouse or rustic theme. They are popular because they can feel comfortable, cozy, and lived in without much effort. I’m sure you all have seen farmhouse sinks, shiplap, and white dishes. This style is fun because you can incorporate old furniture, old wagon wheels, old crocks, and old windows and give them new life! We owe Joanna Gaines part of the credit for making this style so popular! Lucky for us, we already have the setting to achieve these styles easily!



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