Ten Tiny Renovations To Transform Your Home

Add a Sliding Door
Generic doors take up square footage when they are opening and closing — but they are important in order to have privacy. Sliding barn doors offer privacy without taking up space and are a great looking solution. There are many types of different sliding doors. There are sliding barn doors, there are white wooden doors, and there are vintage doors that are put on rollers. You can make a sliding door match any style of home.

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Add Interest to Plain Drywall
Any time that you add any dimension to your walls, it creates a more custom look. A custom home looks more expensive and is worth more money. Adding board and batten, shiplap, wainscoting, or any other trim to your walls makes the room look more appealing. Already have a chair rail in your dining room? Don’t be scared to dress it up with some more trim below it! Also, you can give your ceiling distinctive details. A little TLC for a ceiling can yield a huge upgrade for a room. Call us for some ideas!

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Add a Modern Backsplash
Don’t be scared to bring your backspash into this century! With the new fads, they are not adding a backspash to the counter tops- but instead just tiling all the way down to the counter top. There are lots of different options for backsplash like the most new and popular subway tile, real stone, or patterned tile. The options are really endless and can be customized to match any decor you already have!

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Add a Custom Shower
Again, there are SO many ways to spruce up a shower and your options are endless! There are different size tiles, different colors, different patterns, and different layouts as well! We are shower experts and can help you get all that you can out of your next shower! By adding a niche, you can have ample space for your shampoo and conditioner while also adding interest to the look of it! If you want a bench to sit on or prop your leg up on to shower- we can do that, too!

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Add Space to your Kitchen with an Island
Adding a island not only helps with storage and counter space, but also with the looks of your kitchen and the resell of your home. An island can be a movable piece of furniture or a custom built-in piece. You can put a sink in it or a kitchen cook top. You can paint it a different color from your cabinets to add some contrast or paint it the same and have it all cohesive! Even with a small kitchen, you can add a small island. This is an upgrade that you will NOT regret!


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Light Fixtures are Essential
A light fixture is something that is so often overlooked. But by adding a light, you can add some much needed texture to a room. Plus it directs your eye upwards and helps make the ceilings feel taller! Everyone wants taller ceilings! What do your light fixtures look like?

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Install an Exterior Pathway or Deck
Lots of remodels tend to focus on interior spaces, but updating an exterior space can be beneficial as well! Between adding curb appeal and a place to relax, you are still adding value to your home. Adding a patio or a deck updates the appearance of your home from the outside and is a nice place to enjoy the upcoming summer!

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Upgrade Your Vanity, Sink, and Accessories
Updating your vanity, sink, and accessories is a great way to add value to your bathroom with limited costs. Adding more modern fixtures can increase the appearance of your bathroom and set a whole new tone to your home. They say that bathrooms and kitchens are what sells a home, so why not change out your faucets and accessories for a more luxurious feel?

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Add Visual Square Footage with a Window
New windows can be a game changer for a room that feels cramped and dark. Before choosing a space for yours, look at your room from the inside and outside to best line up with existing windows. You can add windows or change out windows for patio doors. There are lots of ways to get more light into your home. By adding more light and windows or doors, you can help your home feel much bigger!

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Revamp Your Fireplace
A fireplace is something that is most likely outdated that can easily be changed to be the focal point of the room. By whitewashing the brick and adding shelves, or painting the tile or replacing the tile- you can brighten up the whole room!! Change it from the worst part to the best part of the room for CHEAP. Ask us how!

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