Lets Talk About Home Accents

Home accents are a great way to dress up any room in your house and make it more inviting.

1. Add faux greenery to your decor.  Adding simple, inexpensive faux greenery to your space can make the room come to life! A wreath, small planters, or garland can help you achieve this look.

2. Add a word sign to your space.  A simple wood word sign that says “gather” or “welcome” can make your space feel so inviting. If you are creative, these signs can be an easy DIY or can be purchased for inexpensive at Hobby Lobby!


 Source: https://knotandnestdesigns.com/collections/frontpage/products/welcome-wood-sign-6-tall?pp=0&epik=dj0yJnU9ZzZjdEdYUUZNZ1p6QUoxUnVQLXVJV1l1UXRxYUMxaWsmbj1pcmdwa0pWcGRnNS1XbDJ5b3dRR1dBJnQ9QUFBQUFGeEYzdG8

3.  Use drop cloth curtains for a farmhouse feel. Drop cloths are inexpensive and an easy DIY to add a country feel to your home. And if you’re not gifted knowing how to sew, just use curtain ring clips!

Source: http://www.livethehomelife.com/2014/07/living-room-curtains-on-the-cheap.html

4.  Add a galvanized bucket. I love using galvanized buckets in my decor. Use one to hold faux flowers,  put one by your sink to hold dish soap and sponges, or get a large one to hold pillows. These are easy to find at any antique store or home decor store and adds the perfect touch to your space!