How To Get This Look!



Have you looked at Instagram or Pinterest lately and thought “How do I get this look?”

It’s no lie that decorating your home to fit your style is exhilarating (at least for me). To be able to let your creative juices flow and not worry what others will think!

Afterall, your home is YOUR HOME! It should be a reflection of you and the people that you love, no one else.
Whether you like bright colors, neutrals, the farmhouse style, modern style or a combination of it all… The only thing that matters is when you are at home, you are relaxed and comfortable!

If you have followed me at all, you know that my house is definitely a “combination”. I have been asked many times- “what would you consider your style to be?”
…Truth is: I have no idea.. I find what I like, I put it together and if it doesn’t look cute then I rearrange it until I love it.

That is why neutrals are so important to me! With neutrals, I can mix things around and not worry about things “matching”.
So, then if there is a certain color that I am just loving during the season, I will throw POPS of color in to change it up. (However, lets just be honest here- I am terrible with color so that usually doesn’t happen. LOL!)

Where did I get the stuff for this set up?

(If you click on the pictures-it will send you to the link where you can buy it!!)

The chippy plant stand: $2 at a local yard sale.
Looks Like this expensive plant stand for $245 at Harvest
plant stand

Get the look: plant stand2
Painted white- this would be beautiful. Don’t be scared to buy a $3 can of spray paint ;)

The plant is from Lowe’s for $13

Get the look:  022532073307

The washboard: $5 at a local yardsale

Get the look: washboard $10.99

Flowering Greenery: $8.50 at Joann’s
Get the look: greenery greenery2

The tobacco basket: Hobby Lobby $16. (I got it half off- but you can always download the hobby lobby app and use the 40% off each time you are there!!) This is a seriously great deal! I can’t find them on Hobby Lobby’s website so I’ve attached a picture and link to the next cheapest I could find!

Get the look: tobaccobasket

Wreath: $15 at Joann’s Fabrics and Crafts

Get the look:wreath


Last name sign: Taylor Atkinson Photography and Design.
Here is her Facebook! She can make you anything!

The window: SPI Interiors $10-35! Message/Call me- I have lots of windows!

Lamp: Marshall’s $25

Get the look: lamp

Baskets: Wal-Mart $10

Get the look: baskets

Pillows: I got both black and white pillows for $5! They were 9.99 and half off at our local discount store. They are threshold brand.

Get the look:pillow1 pillow2

Throw: $30 at Target. I have this one pictured but in the gold- I think that the black would look better though so I used the link to it!

Get the look: throw

The white picture frames: $5/each at Wal-Mart.
I couldn’t find a picture or a link for these but they are at Wal-Mart for $5!!

Get the look: pic frame


I hope that this helps you get an idea for decorating your own table! I love sharing my great finds with you! I tend to shop for home decor quite often and so I do find good deals! If you shop around, you can find them, too!


Let me know if y’all have any questions! :)

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