Corner Building Project

Oh boy, isn’t that an UGLY building?!

No worries, though.
It is looking MUCH better than that.
Here is  your proof :

It is still a working progress, but we are SO close.
Like a day or two away.
Can you believe it?!

The coolest treasure during this project was definitely when we chipped off the mortar and discovered this original sign painted on the exterior brick!
I was in shock…


We separated the building into two units to rent out to two separate businesses.
They are each about 1500 square feet.

The Back Unit…

Here is a BEFORE and AFTER of the back..
This is where the kitchen originally was- that is why the brick looks “burnt”.

Another BEFORE & AFTER of the back unit, facing the opposite direction.
Refinishing the hardwoods that are almost 100 years old was a treasure in itself.
They turned out stunning. Absolutely timeless.

Here are a few more AFTER shots of the back unit.

The back unit is now home to Krissi Gibson Photography!

And now, for the front unit!

We refinished the original tin ceilings and the original hardwood floors.


And the opposite wall BEFORE & AFTER :
Can you believe that EVERY window was completely blocked in?
Look at all that natural light <3

Here are a few more AFTER shots of the front unit!

The front unit is now home to The Flying Ax Co.

As always, we have absolutely adored every step of this project.
(I can say that because I don’t actually have to chip the mortar off the bricks)
Our crew’s knowledge is amazing to me & I am so thankful for them.
They make our dreams a reality.

Now we are just dreaming about what project is next… <3