A Kitchen Transformation

Is your kitchen the most outdated room in your home?

We have some tips that can help you turn it into your most favorite room!
Check out this “before” picture!

winter 2015 1001

The green tile on the floor, the tiled counter tops, the outdated oak cabinets. It was enough to send me into a minor heart attack. I immediately wanted a complete demo, I mean seriously- who doesn’t love demo day?! But when your budget doesn’t allow for a complete demo, you have to get creative!

We decided to keep the cabinets- I know, right? How are you going to bring these into this century? Well, I will show you.

We took out all the tile (on the counter tops and on the floor), all the old appliances, and took off the cabinet doors.

We installed this amazing marble-looking tile on the floors. Then we sanded down the cabinet doors and the cabinet bases (paint does NOT stick to slick surfaces). We added crown molding to the top of the cabinets and this made all the difference for me. I was seriously bummed that the budget did not include money for new cabinets, but once the crown went up- I fell in love. We went two different heights with the crown to make them look like custom built in cabinets. There was no need for new cabinets because this small addition made a SERIOUSLY AWESOME change. I mean, check it out!!



When all that was done, we put up plastic EVERYWHERE! We sprayed the cabinet doors and the cabinet bases with a tinted primer. If you use tinted primer- it will match your end color better and is easier to cover. Two coats of primer later, we started spraying on the paint color (it took three coats of that). My wall cabinets are Rustic Taupe by Behr and my island cabinets are Kindling by Behr. (We like Behr paint!) I like the small contrast in colors between the cabinets.

We took out the enclosed light and pot rack. Instead of having to patch the bead board on the ceiling, we put up this gorgeous wood and framed it in and hung out our pendent lights from there. I think that the wood adds an awesome contrast to the room and ties in the rest of the home.

We then painted the walls Wheat Bread by Behr (I seriously love this greige color!). I think it works well with my neutral theme. I carried it on throughout the family room to make the space feel like one large area for entertaining.



We think that this space is AMAZING! What do you think of this change?? Let us know!

16179596_1373856272635737_2556602459810883178_o 16113339_1373858569302174_2406635150968532869_o( Please excuse the trash can in this picture- it was there for an open house we did)


SPI Enterprises, LLC would love to make your home your DREAM HOME! Don’t hesitate, give us a call and let us come up with ideas for your space.
After all, it is a free estimate- what could it hurt?

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