70’s Bathroom Gets A New Life

We received a phone call from a customer complaining of an “outdated and non-functioning” bathroom. These are some of our favorite calls because not only do we love to give something new life, but we love for the customer to have a new, relaxing, and functional room in their home!

This is the bathroom that we saw when we showed up that day to give an estimate. A cold, multicolored, ugly, and nonworking bathroom… but these projects are our favorite because they are blank slates, an opportunity to help the customer envision exactly what they want their dream bathroom to look like!


And that is exactly what we did! She showed us a picture of what she liked, but didn’t think it could happen because she had a small bathroom and her current layout didn’t leave much room for a large shower. We had some tricks up our sleeves to help her out!

The shopping began, and the customer picked out some amazing tile!

Our designer got to work and the plumbers began moving pipes, our tile guys laid some GORGEOUS glass tiles, and before you knew it, we were completing a bathroom that was no longer embarrassing but a BEAUTIFUL addition to an already beautiful home!



Yes, this was a small bathroom to start.. but HOLY COW!  SPI moved the toilet and chose a smaller vanity to allow the shower to span the entire width of the back wall, and adorned it with high end tile to really set off the look.

12513701_992902817456585_6625525273950510795_o (1)

There isn’t a person in this world that wouldn’t like to have a spare bathroom like this!