3 Tips on Organizing Your Pantry

Tidying up and getting organized is a huge trend right now! Being organized is not only aesthetically pleasing but can reduce stress in your life. Here are some ways to have an organized pantry to help getting those groceries put away faster!

1.Purchase airtight containers to hold things like pasta, flour, cereal and crackers. You can purchase these containers at stores like TJ Maxx, Target or Walmart.

OXO POP 2.7qt Airtight Food Storage Container - image 1 of 6


2. You can organize things like chip bags,  spice packets or trash bags in decor baskets. Baskets can add a touch of decor to make it look like you spent a ton of time on your pantry.

Kitchen Cabinet Organizer Basket White - Made By Design™ - image 1 of 4


3. If you have a space in your pantry that you’re not sure how to use, I recommend putting in a Lazy Susan. You can store canned goods or spices to make it easier to grab and go!

Lipper International® Acacia Lazy Susan 10" - image 2 of 2


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