For the Love of Shiplap!

Shiplap: (n)  /SHipˌlap/

Definition: A wooden board with a 3/8-1/2″ rabbet on opposite sides of each end. Each board overlaps the board under it and is typically laid horizontally. Found in older homes, especially in the South. Used in place of stucco, drywall or another wall covering.

Chances are, before Fixer Upper came out on HGTV, you had no idea what shiplap was. I know I didn’t. After watching a few episodes, you find yourself not only falling in love with Chip and Joanna but also with the unique style that they have… and, of course, SHIPLAP! In most of her decor, the shiplap is painted white and is found in many rooms including the kitchen, dining, living room and even bathrooms.

With shiplap becoming a fad, SPI couldn’t wait to get their hands on a project that included it. When we had a fantastic and fun lady walking through the doors asking about it, we became very excited. She asked for a shiplap bathroom and a custom kitchen island that included shiplap, as well. OF COURSE, WE WOULD LOVE TO DO THAT FOR YOU!

Ryan, one of our meticulous carpenters, got to work on an island that would be topped with a GORGEOUS quartz counter top and a bathroom that is OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Take a look at this before and after of her bathroom… Go ahead, scroll down!

13528977_1176820512359002_5406670130484602839_n 13518040_1178149032226150_1761654594_o

Here are some more:

13555728_1178148888892831_1106126166_o 13569969_1178148908892829_1598839075_o

Oh and the convenient and practical island, too!

13510955_1176820452359008_4390385112395706366_n 13548912_1178148885559498_1172506214_o


If you are a lover of shiplap and you are not in Waco, TX. I have got the next best thing, SPI Enterprises!

We would love to give you a free quote on a shiplap project or any other project that you are interested in!!

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